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Youth Participate in Authentic Science

With Youth-focused Citizen and Community Science (YCCS), youth contribute to authentic science. They can do this through data collection, but also interpreting or sharing findings. But what does this mean for science learning? To answer this question, we began conducting case studies with YCCS projects in Northern California and bringing together key stakeholders to explore when and how YCCS works best.

You can learn more about our findings and recommendations at Key Practices and Resources. Explore the projects and delve into YCCS practices in the project Case Studies, or see what we are up to with our Blog.


What does YCCS look like?

We asked our partners -- expert researchers and practitioners -- what it looks like when youth do science. The resulting video speaks to the tremendous potential of youth-focused community and citizen science (YCCS) in the classroom, in the field, in a science museum, or anywhere in between.

Of course these results are not guaranteed. It takes careful planning, and thoughtful implementation. Learning what works in youth-focused community and citizen science is a primary goal of our research. Read more